Diane Eager

John Mackay at St Johns Park, Sydney

John Mackay, the Creation Guy, at St Johns Park Baptist Church 178 Humphries Rd St Johns Park, NSW, 2176 Sunday 1 March 202010:30 and 6pm. 10.30am In the Beginning was the Word! Bible Readings:  Gen 1:1-5,  John 1:1-5 6.00 pm Tough Topic – From Nice to Nasty The Real History of Creation is the Opposite […]

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HAIR: Did Jesus have long hair?

Answer by Peter Geyer and Diane Eager. Many people assume that Jesus had long hair. He’s the most painted person in Western art, and all the paintings depict Jesus with long hair.  Hollywood has done the same.  Often he’s portrayed as blonde with piercing blue eyes. But is that accurate? Unknown to most people is the […]

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SNAKE VENOM: If God made everything good, why are snakes venomous?

Answer by Diane Eager We need to start by asking: What is venom? Venom is any harmful substance secreted by one animal and injected into another by biting or stinging. Now to ask: what is snake venom? It is a secretion from the salivary glands of snakes, which they use primarily for digesting things.  The […]

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