Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager

Creation Unfolding: A New Perspective on Ex Nihilo by Ken. P. Coulson, was published by Phaneros Press in 2020.  The core idea of Ken Coulson’s work is that he has devised a new explanation of creation, which he calls Supernatural Formative Process Theory (SFPT). The claimed benefit of Supernatural Formative Process Theory (SFPT) is that it solves the problem of trying to connect ‘observable evidence’ for an old earth with a Biblical chronology of six literal creation days.  He also applies his theory to the miracles of Jesus and the Apostles as he delivers some 10 chapters and 195 pages of work (references included).

Our brief answer to the question is that the book is not evolutionist, as in the standard evolutionary theory as taught in schools, universities and media today, but it is not Biblical Creation either. 

Coulson has fallen for the ultimate false dichotomy in the creation/evolution debate – the issue is science versus religion, or valid scientific thinking vs ignorant layman religious explanations.  But the bottom line is actually truth versus error, or the revealed record of the infallible Creator who was there, versus the opinions of fallible scientists and theologians who were not. 

In spite of Coulson’s insistence that he is a Bible-believing Christian believing in six days of creation, we get the impression he really accepts that the current secular theories of the age and formation of the earth are factually based, and his book is an attempt to manipulate such long-age secular theories into Scripture ’naturally’. Perhaps he’s trying to be a young earth creationist who does not want to publicly bear that label, presumably for fear of being dismissed by academic scientists and theologians?

In order to understand how we came to this conclusion it is necessary to look at some of the examples and application of Coulson’s theory in detail and give some background into the history of scientific thought.  These are set out in the attached PDF article: Review of Creation Unfolding: A New Perspective on Ex Nihilo by John Mackay and Diane Eager.

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