Polystrate Rock

POLYSTRATE: What is a polystrate fossil?

Answer by John MackayWhat is polystrate? The word itself is easy: poly as in many, strate, as in layers or strata.  Therefore, polystrate means “many layers” and usually refers to fossils that protrude though one or more layers.  Here is a classic example of such a tree in Kentucky coal fields near town of Hazard […]

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Rain Clouds

CLIMATE: Is water vapour more important than carbon dioxide?

Answer by Nigel Currie Here is a summary of Nigel’s article.  For full article use the download link below. Climate change/global warming has occupied considerable public and scientific attention over much of the last two decades. An apparent majority of scientists, politicians, environmentalist lobbyists and the public have deemed greenhouse gases, and especially carbon dioxide, […]

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CRYSTAL POWER? Many people believe crystals have spiritual power for health and well-being. Do crystals have any power?

The original questions was:Many religions around the world such as Hinduism and Buddhism place great trust in crystals and crystal power.  Many modern people in western societies believe crystals can enhance health and well-being.  Do crystals really have real power? Answer by John Mackay From Aboriginal to Zen, crystals from beautiful Amethyst to spectacular Zircons, […]

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Hills Mountains

MOUNTAINS? Are the high hills and mountains in Genesis 7 the same?

The original question was: In Genesis 7 God first refers to the high hills being covered, and then to the mountains being covered. Do high hills and mountains have the same meaning in this context? Answer by John Mackay The King James Version of Genesis 7:19-20 reads: Verse 19: And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon […]

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Kangaroos on Beach

ANIMAL MIGRATION: How did animals populate the world after the flood?

Answer by John Mackay First some generalizations, then a detailed case study. In some cases we know how animals moved to places far away from the region where Noah landed. We have records of recent arrivals downunder in Australia.  Cows, sheep, goats and other domestic animals got to Australia by boat with the British in […]

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NOAH’S FLOOD OR CREATION? What is Psalm 104 about?

Answer by John Mackay This is one of those Psalms that begin with this author’s favourite line “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!” Makes the singing great and that’s what the Psalms were designed to be …songs! They are therefore poetry, which is particularly obvious in their Hebrew parallelism where the same thought is repeated […]

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