Ham on platter

PORK: If God forbad Jews to eat pork, can Christians eat it?

Answer by Diane Eager The short answer to this question is yes, Christians may eat pork.  To some people this seems like a contradiction to God’s instructions in the Old Testament, but to understand it we need to look at the total history of God’s instructions about what to eat. In the beginning God told […]

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Green Mamba Venomous Snake

SNAKE VENOM: If God made everything good, why are snakes venomous?

Answer by Diane Eager We need to start by asking: What is venom? Venom is any harmful substance secreted by one animal and injected into another by biting or stinging. Now to ask: what is snake venom? It is a secretion from the salivary glands of snakes, which they use primarily for digesting things.  The […]

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PESTS? How did creatures like slugs get to be pests?

Answer by Simon Terry Personally I think slugs are an awesome part of God’s creation, so when I refer to them as pests I am using the term as it is applied to any species that has a detrimental effect on our gardens, farms, etc. Yet by this very definition we credit the creature as […]

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