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Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager

The easy bit is that the word “man” refers to an adult human male, and a “woman” is an adult female human.  But can we actually give a testable, provable meaning to the traditional words “male” and “female”, or are they just roles allocated for convenience which can be abandoned as life evolves? 

This is a battle being fought hardest in school classrooms to conquer the minds of the next generation. Consider the following actual events: 

A woman teacher was caught up in a staff room debate about who could use the girls’ toilets and change rooms at her schools. A transgender supporter claimed ‘We can be whatever gender we choose and therefore we must be allowed to use whichever toilet suits our choice’.  The frustrated lady teacher retorted: “Why don’t we just look between their legs – that should settle it!”

Second event – November – 2020! Two Christian parents spend several frustrating hours with a Government school principal and deputy. What’s the problem? Their daughter has reported to them that their school class has been ordered to call one boy she.

Mum and dad ask why the school is forcing their child to lie.  ‘But that’s just your opinion’ retorts the deputy. ‘If the boy feels he’s a girl we have to accept that. It’s the law!’

But my wife and I are both scientists, state the parents. We can give you a testable definition of what a male or female is. All the creatures we work with have very observable features of male and female. The boy is the one with the testicles who makes sperm. And in every case they are provably different from the females who make ova and babies. And we humans are the same.

So why are you teaching my daughter to lie? And why are you lying about this yourselves?  Did you intend to tell us as parents that you had ordered the class to call this boy a girl?

“No,” replied the increasingly embarrassed principal, while a very emphatic “NO!” was uttered by an obvious radical feminist deputy.  Government policy is that we must accept whatever gender the students feel they are, and this student feels they are female no matter what your opinion is.

The result? Despite being long-term participants and active supporters on school councils, both parents advise the Principal that because you’re teaching our children to lie and you are lying about it, our children are out of here today – not this afternoon, but right now!

Of course, the school authorities are rightly concerned about what they should tell students’ parents, especially other Christian parents in the school.  

How should we react when atheist governments and education are actually lying about gender and sex?  How do we define boy or girl, male or female, man or woman?  And can we go deeper than that and have a meaningful scientific and legally enforceable definition?  

Male and Female

Let’s start with the obvious differences between what we traditionally call gender. Being male or female, whether infant or adult, is provably determined by a person’s chromosomes, and indicated by the resulting reproductive systems and naturally produced hormones.  At different stages of a person’s life reproductive systems and related hormonally induced changes to body structures will go through maturation and degenerative processes, but an individual remains either male or female throughout his or her life, from conception, through childhood and adulthood, to death.

The chromosomes that determine whether a person is male and female are named X and Y.  A male has an X and a Y, usually written as XY, a female has two Xs, usually written as XX.  These are inherited at conception and remain in every cell in the body, with one notable exception for each sex* (see below) for the rest of a person’s life. 

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what manipulation is done to the body or mind after conception – a person is male or female throughout life. It doesn’t matter what bits they may get cut off or added on, or any alterations caused by the chosen addition of alternative sex hormones or by blocking their own hormones. In spite of efforts by transgender activists to drive a wedge between gender and sex, neither gender nor sex are determined by an individual’s choice, or by feelings, by externally administered drugs or hormones, or by social acceptance of someone’s choice.   

*The only cells in the body that do not have the XY or XX chromosome identity are the reproductive cells, i.e. sperm in a male and ova (eggs) in a female.  When these cells are formed the chromosomes are separated and each sex cell gets one of the sex chromosomes.  Therefore, sperm will have either an X or a Y, ova will have one of two X’s.  But such cells are still male or female, as only males can produce sperm and only females can produce ova?

Where Did Male and Female Come From?

Each human being is formed from the union of one sperm, carrying an X or a Y chromosome, and one ovum, carrying an X chromosome.  An X carrying sperm will give rise to a female when its X combines with the X in the ovum.  Y carrying sperm give rise to a male when it combines with the X in the ovum.  This process can be traced back through the generations to the first human beings – Adam and Eve.  Sex is not something you can evolve. It has to be right first time or you die out!

Adam was created male.  Therefore, he had an X and a Y chromosome.  Eve was created from tissue taken from Adam.  All the components needed to make a woman were already in Adam.  To make a female from male tissue God took out the Y chromosome and duplicated an X.  From then on human beings have reproduced by the process described above.

Adam and Eve were created individually by God.  Adam was made from “dust of the ground” i.e. raw materials, and Eve was made from tissue taken from Adam.  They were not derived from any other living creature.  Human beings are unique and separate creations, and therefore it is irrelevant if other living things, such as fish or plants, can change sex in certain circumstances. 

So, theistic evolutionists take note: Those who want to believe in evolution but defend God’s word on men and women, and marriage, will find themselves on shaky ground.  If evolution is true, human ancestry goes back to creatures with no distinct sexes and/or interchangeable sexes, and those who oppose God’s rules can claim that blurring the sexes is just part of the natural world, and Christians should not impose their views on it. 

It is time to humbly accept that in the beginning God created humans male and female just like He said He did.

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