Middle East

EDEN’S LOCATION? Does it still exist? Biblical Issues

The original question was:  If we accept Moses as the author of Genesis then his use of the past tense to describe events such as creation, the fall and the flood, but his use of the present tense to describe the 4 rivers coming out of Eden in Genesis 2, must mean that the Garden […]

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APPLE? Did Eve eat an apple?

Answer by John Mackay Whenever I ask English speaking people around the planet what fruit Eve ate, by far the majority will say apple. But if I ask: when is the first time the Bible mentions apples, almost no one knows. The second question is easy to find an answer for since the first time […]

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ALLAH: Can a Christian use allah as the word for God?

The original question was:  Can a Christian use allah as the word for God, because in many cultures influenced by Arabic, allah is actually the word for god as well as the name of the Muslim god? Answer by John Mackay Let’s start by asking what do we know about the English word God? Genesis […]

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