Mt Everest

MOUNT EVEREST? Is it the same size today as it was before Noahs flood?

Answer by John Mackay Short Answer The Biblical record in Genesis 1-10, from Creation through to the end of Noah’s flood indicates that before Noah’s day very tall mountains such as Everest didn’t even exist!  Furthermore, the Biblical description of the flood covering all the highest hills and mountains under the whole heavens (Genesis 7:19-20), […]

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SNAKE LEGS: Did snakes really lose their legs, as Genesis implies?

Answer by John Mackay At our Jurassic Ark Outdoor Creation Museum, we have a mural of the Genesis 3 account of Eve being tempted by a serpent which has legs. (see below) Most books for children printed by Christian authors about Genesis 3, show a legless snake crawling through the trees. The text says: “So the […]

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NEANDERTHALS? What were these? How do you explain their existence?

The original question was:  Neanderthals? Did these species exist and when? And there are many scientific evidences on these species. What evidence do you have and could you briefly explain their existence. Answer by John Mackay Neanderthal? The word means the valley of Mr Neander, but who was Mr Neander? – Answer Joachim Neander who […]

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