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You may have heard media reports of the Adelaide school teacher killed by a shark at South Australia’s Goldsmith Beach recently. The media has widely reported his family’s statement “he would not want the animal hunted down”. Tie that to the outrage of many “Greens” and their supporters in Western Australia, at that State’s plan to cull the number of sharks due to increasing number of shark attacks there. Now add the increasing acceptance of the thought that if you swim where sharks live, they have the right to eat you. “They are only doing what comes naturally.” Oh how pagan our society has become, and how confused even many Christians thinking is.

So in a situation like this whose authority do you follow? The family and the victim who would not want the offending shark killed? Or the Creator, who revealed in God’s word “Let man have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air” (Genesis 1:26) and who later instructed Noah concerning creatures that attack man: “surely the blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man’s brother will I require the life of man.” (Gen 9:3 KJV) So God’s rule is that anyone, or any creature, that kills an innocent man actually has to forfeit their life? But what has the shark’s done wrong? In God’s eyes, it has rebelled against the authority of dominion given to man by His Maker. In God’s eyes the shark has savaged the Image of the Creator God who gave man power over the shark, while the shark is not authorized to have power over us. Sharks do not bear the Image of God, so they neither have the same value as man, nor they do not have the same rights as man.

What has the shark done wrong? It is not behaving naturally. Like all other creatures, it began in a good world, where all creatures ate plants. It kills as a result of Adam’s sin, and God’s judgement on the world, which resulted in degeneration of both plants and animals. Meat eating is not its natural starting point at all, regardless of what it eats today.

Have you ever noticed the glaring contradiction most people have on this issue? Most green politicians and environmentalists are in favour of killing innocent children when they abort them, at the same time as they protect guilty sharks. The real reason, I suspect, is they want murders, by sharks or people, not to be punished at all, in an all-out rebellion against the Laws of Almighty God the Creator.

Our modern western society has abandoned the real God, and substituted the Darwinian god of survival of the fittest. But Darwin’s god is the god of death. It is Satan in disguise. From kindergarten up these false evolutionary views of man are being ground into our society, so that by the time teens become teachers they are so blinded, they accept sharks have the right to kill us. Join us as we do everything in our power to stand against such evils.

For an example of a modern day plant eating shark see the article Vegetarian Shark in the Creation Research Fact File

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