HUMAN EVOLUTION? Does it create any problems for Christians who believe it?

…urvive. Those things are not good. The Bible tells us death, disease and struggle came into the world as a result of man’s sin and God’s judgement, and it teaches us the world has been going downhill ever since and will continue to do so until the end, when God destroys it and creates a new heaven and earth. (See 2 Peter 3:5-6, Revelation 21:1-2) Evolution says the opposite, i.e. death, disease and struggle are the very processes that have made th…

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Ham on platter

PORK: If God forbad Jews to eat pork, can Christians eat it?

…ays been forbidden (and foolish) for anyone to worship any other god.  The rule about blood is in the instructions originally given to Noah, and since we are all descended from Noah’s family this rule applies to all humanity, Jew and Gentile.  Now back to the original question.  God did not tell Noah that pigs were unclean, so Christians may eat pork, including pork products such as ham, bacon and sausages, if they have a taste for them.  The only…

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Horses Running

HORSE EVOLUTION: How do you explain the evolutionary sequence of horse fossils?

…For an example of this sequence in current High School course material see BBC Bitesize. The fossils of the extinct multi-toed intermediates in the horse evolution sequence were originally found in North America, and were used as evidence for evolution by Thomas Huxley, who was the chief promoter of evolution in the late 19th Century. Since then more of these fossils have been found in other parts of the world, which don’t fit this evolutionary se…

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MUTATION: If we started with no mutations, did they evolve or did God deliberately create them?

…nesis 1-2) Therefore he owns all things.Therefore He has right to make the rules. In His original created world there was no disease, degeneration or death. The obvious reason is that such processes are not good. Death is not a natural part of life. God made it clear to Adam that death was the penalty for disobeying Him. (Genesis 2: 16-17) Sadly Adam and Eve chose to rebel or sin against God, who true to his word, condemned them. Death both physic…

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HELL: Would a loving God allow people to suffer for eternity in Hell?

…ce to worms, is in fact to the worms living on the edges and ledges of the rubbish tip outside Jerusalem known as Gehenna, which is not the same as the Lake of Fire. Hell described as a place where mortal humans don’t die but suffer everlasting pain, fits nicely in support of the Bible’s very first recorded lie from the father of lies, that goes something like this; did God really say that you would die if you ate that fruit? And Satan added in Ge…

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JOHN LENNOX wrote Seven Days that Divide the World. What do you think of it?

…oks which include figurative speech so we should be careful of concluding that a specific verse should be read literally unless we have a text written as in literal historic form to use in justification. When the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 93:1b that ‘Indeed, the world is firmly established it will not be moved.’ there is no doubt he was writing Hebrew poetry and was simply using the earth as a poetic frame of reference, just as we do today. Were you…

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HOMOSEXUAL behaviour is widespread in animals. Doesn’t this prove it is a natural behaviour?

…. This has been attempted many times and results in some interesting conundrums. Our supposed nearest relatives, chimpanzees steal from one another, fight and even kill and eat each other, as well as indulging in promiscuous sex. The cute friendly chimps you see in Hollywood films are juveniles bred in captivity. An adult chimpanzee is a large and dangerous animal. A lot of animal mating behaviour would not be tolerated in an orderly human society…

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Mt Everest

MOUNT EVEREST? Is it the same size today as it was before Noahs flood?

…lood dumped fossils in water laid rocks at the top of Everest, and you can rule out the world’s highest peak as having been a problem to Noah’s navigation during the flood. Furthermore you can dump the questions such as “If the water covered Mt Everest, how could there have been enough water?” etc. Going back to the short answer: Did Mt Everest exist before the flood? NO! Therefore, do you need enough water to cover 8,000m tall mountains? Again, N…

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Genesis 1

How can we know Moses wrote Genesis? Part 2: Is it in the name Shinar?

…Shinar is the region where the Tower of Babel was built. (Genesis 11:1-5) Today’s archaeologists and ancient historians would regard the whole region as ancient Sumer which is known to many Bible readers as Babylonia. The scriptures itself makes this link when the prophet Daniel identifies Shinar as Babylon (Daniel 1:1-2.) Why the different names for the same location? And what does it have to do with Moses as the author of Genesis? The answer su…

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Large Animals

GIANT ANIMALS are dangerous by their size alone. Was giantism an effect of the curse?

…e in co-operation with other animals and with people. Yet the opposite is true also. Today’s rather small leopard is a very aggressive killer. Therefore, we can be confident that in the original creation large animals as well as small had non-aggressive temperaments, and were no threat to any people, whose hearing and eyesight were so much better than today and who could both hear and see large creatures coming so would never have been stood on at…

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