According to NASA, the CO2 level has never been above 300 parts per million for the last 650,000 prior to the 1950’s, yet it’s now 380 ppm, showing the increase is due to mans activity since the Industrial Revolution. Do you have any material to refute this claim? NASA article:

The article includes the following graph, compiled from data from NOAA (Image: NASA)


Answer by John Mackay

To answer this question we need to ask why NASA scientists and other proponents of man-made global warming are only looking at the last 650,000 years when they believe earth is billions of years old? The only answer possible is that even the evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record and other geological data shows there have been many periods where the earth was warmer and had higher carbon dioxide levels.

For example, an article in Science vol. 332 p 430, 22 April dealing with past climate variations makes the following statement about the Eocene period (allegedly 34-56 million years ago): “Although the global physiography of the Eocene was broadly similar to that of the modern Earth, the climate was vastly different. Polar regions lacked major ice sheets and were home to cold-intolerant plants and animals, and tropical oceans steamed away at temperatures approaching 40°C. These differences were driven at least in part by atmospheric CO2 concentrations about five times the preindustrial value.”

According to evolution, this carbon dioxide rich period occurred at least 34 million years before the first caveman lit a fire, let alone before 20th century humans made steel, drove cars and generated electricity. There is no doubt that temperatures and carbon dioxide have increased over the last few centuries, but the real question is what caused it? If it has happened by natural processes before, it can happen by natural processes again. Well known anti-creationist geologist Professor Ian Plimer has researched sources of carbon dioxide and in an address to Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy in Sydney on 11 April 2007 he claimed: “about 0.1 per cent of the atmospheric carbon dioxide was due to human activity and much of the rest due to little-understood geological phenomena.” This makes the man-made component 1,000th part of 0.03% which truly trivial, and can be ignored without any fear.

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