• 30/06/2021CLIMATE: Is water vapour more important than carbon dioxide?
    Answer by Nigel Currie Here is a summary of Nigel’s article.  For full article use the download link below. Climate change/global warming has occupied considerable public and scientific attention over much of the last two decades. An apparent majority of scientists, politicians, environmentalist lobbyists and the public have deemed greenhouse gases, and especially carbon dioxide, […]
  • 29/06/2021TIM KELLER ON EVOLUTION & ADAM: Is evolution compatible with Adam and Eve and the Fall of Man? Keller says it is.
    Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager This question relates to an article by Time Keller on the Gospel Coalition website.  Tim Keller (MDiv, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Manhattan, chairman of Redeemer City to City, and founder of The Gospel Coalition. Tim Keller was […]
  • 26/01/2021PARABLE? Is Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus a parable?
    Answer by Diane Eager and John Mackay The account of the rich man and Lazarus is recorded in Luke 16:19-31 and contrasts two very different Jewish people: an extremely wealthy man living an indulgent lifestyle in opulent accommodation, and a poor beggar named Lazarus who suffering from diseased skin (most likely as a result of […]
  • 10/11/2020MAN & WOMAN: Is there a real definition of man and woman in a world that wants fluid gender?
    Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager The easy bit is that the word “man” refers to an adult human male, and a “woman” is an adult female human.  But can we actually give a testable, provable meaning to the traditional words “male” and “female”, or are they just roles allocated for convenience which can […]
  • 23/09/2020OIL BACTERIA: If oil wasn’t formed until Noah’s Flood why are there bacteria that can break it down?
    The original question was:If you claim oil wasn’t formed until Noah’s Flood, then why are there bacteria that can break it down? How did they evolve? Answer by Diane Eager and John Mackay Firstly, what is in oil? Prior to the 1800’s, the oil used was extracted from animals or plants e.g. whale oil, cow […]
  • 24/06/2020Are different human skin colours explained by Adam and Eve having a mix of dominant and recessive genes?
    The original question was: How can you explain all the different skin colours if the whole human race is descended from one couple?  I heard a creation speaker claim it is because Adam and Eve would have had a mix of dominant and recessive colour genes and because dominant genes were for dark colour and […]
  • 17/06/2020Why is race so intertwined with slavery in the USA?
    Answer by Steve Stranghoener Slavery was abolished in the United States in 1863 but Americans are still consumed by race. Racial divisions are deeper than ever, as evidenced by recent protests and riots, with endless wrangling over the amorphous concept of social justice where some have called for Civil War reparations 155 years after the […]
  • 09/06/2020EYES & HAIR: If we all came from only Adam and Eve, where did the huge variation in hair and eye colour come from?
    Answer by Diane Eager The most common eye and hair colour combinations in the human population today are brown eyes and black or dark brown hair, both of which involve the production and distribution of the brown pigment melanin, so can we connect the dots all the way back to Adam and Eve? After all […]
  • 27/05/2020HUMAN RACE? Is there only one race of man?
    Answer by John Mackay Mankind! This word has been a great description down through the years of who we are, and what we were made to be. It is derived ultimately from the old English Mann Cynn, back though several thousand years of traditions in Sanskrit about the hero Manu who survived the big flood […]
  • 06/05/2020DOG EVOLUTION? Dogs have undergone many changes since people have been breeding them. Surely this is evolution?
    Answer Diane Eager and John Mackay Some variations in dog size, head shape, coat colour are just normal ranges of variation that occurs in any living thing, including humans.  None of these are evolution.  But what about the extreme and unusual differences that have come about through breeding, such as giant Great Dane vs micro […]