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Leviticus 11:21-23 The Bible says we are able to eat insects that have four legs but since insects have six legs how can this be accurate?

Answer by Diane Eager

There are two issues here:

The first is: the Bible’s description is actually a reference to how these creatures walked. i.e. their style of moving on the ground, and not their total number of legs. The rule is you can eat the flying ones that walked on fours even if they hopped with their other two legs.

The second is: when you read any always assume the original author did not set out to contradict himself or to make a fool of himself. Therefore, any misunderstanding is likely to be with the reader. If you see in what appears to be a contradiction in book that is thousands of years old and has been copied many times, you won’t be the first. If nobody has changed the text in three to four thousand years, it’s most likely because the contradiction is in the reader’s mind, not in the original author’s. Even if you continue to believe there is a contradiction, this is evidence that Christians and Jews must have the utmost integrity since they have never altered the text to try to please modern readers.

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