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Let’s start by asking the question:Was Elton?

In the late 1960s rock music star Elton John was engaged to a woman, Linda Woodrow, who was described as his lover. This engagement was broken, but on 14 February 1984 he married German sound engineer Renate Blauel in Sydney, Australia. Of course this marriage to his lady friend was, and is, a well-kept secret from most of his gay supporters in his role as champion homosexual promoter who is “gay-ly married”. It sadly helps to also remember that a previous unsuccessful homosexual relationship resulted in Elton’s partner committing suicide.

Elton may now lead gay stars in promoting his orientation worldwide, yet neither he nor any other homosexual was born that way. The Bible is emphatic, we are never born a thief or murderer, an adulterer or a homosexual. We are, however, born afflicted by Adam’s problem of sin. But the type of sins we choose to commit are a result of using our fallen sin affected nature to wilfully rebel against our Maker. Elton and so many others deliberately forget that the God who created us in His image, will also hold us accountable for the sins we choose. And don’t exalt yourself above others – we all choose sins whether they be little or big. How good it is, to know that Jesus Christ came to die, so we sinners could be forgiven our sin, be reunited with our Creator, plus be remade in the Image of the Only Holy and Righteous God. After that point, you begin to discover the awfulness of sins, be they as simple as lying, as popular as homosexuality, or so sadistically evil as child abuse and murder.

So don’t be fooled by the evolutionist humanist mentality that man is free to choose whatever sexual orientation we wish. That self-destroying philosophy, not only promotes the evil that any sexual orientation is O.K., but in the end allows child euthanasia, child sex, animal sex, etc, because it has no place it can stop. Once you remove the Creator God as final decision maker of what is or is not evil, you have no moral reference points left. The scripture that reminds us “the wages of sin is death”, says it all, but don’t stop there. Remind all rebels against the Maker of Man, homosexuals and lesbians included, that God in his mercy adds, “but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord”. (Romans 6:23). He’s the One they need for real satisfaction.

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