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Here in the Philippines politician Manny Pacquiao has made comments opposing President Obamas views on same sex marriage. Now atheists are saying that it doesn’t cause harm to the society or any human being at all, therefore, there is no reason to not legalize it. Are there any scientific evidences that homosexuality causes harm?

Answer by John Mackay and Diane Eager

The best people to answer this question are health authorities and people who have experience of the homosexual lifestyle.

The following article from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) may help you decide whether homosexuality causes harm: HIV Gay Bisexual Men CDC PDF here

Another article from a pro-gay health site has some useful information: Health Advice PDF here,

You may also find some other useful articles on the CDC website, starting with this link:

There are also articles on this site about the increased rates of psychological and social problems tied to Homosexual behaviour, but you need to be aware that  most modern secular atheistic or agnostic psychologists usually blame persecution from the surrounding society as the cause of these problems. We are sure you can evaluate their motives.

The link below is the testimony of a young woman brought up by a two lesbians. It was given at a recent conference on marriage and family run by Australian Christian Lobby.  Scroll down the page to “The other side of the rainbow – Millie Fontana’s story”

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