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If evolution were true, male nipples would be redundant. Time and circumstance should have eliminated them by now. They should have been naturally selected against! But the Biblical position paints a different picture.

To answe this question you need to start with Genesis 1:26-7: the first man Adam was made in the image of God. More details are provided in Genesis 2:7 where we learn that the first man Adam was made from dust, but no woman was made at that time. God breathed into Adam, and he became a living soul. Then Adam was commissioned by the Creator to name all the animals and he soon reached the conclusion that none of the animals would be suitable mates for him. We then learn in Genesis 2:21-24, that the Creator put the man to sleep and took tissue out of his side, used this to make a woman, and brought her to Adam to be his wife. The man awoke and responded to his new wife with the poetic statement; ‘Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh – she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man’.

From Genesis to Revelation the biblical text repeats this theme that the Woman is taken from the man – she was and is meant to be one flesh with man. She is not a separate creation. Given that vital backdrop, it should be obvious that all physical attributes that would eventually be included in the Eve’s bodily design and construction had to pre-exist in the man Adam. The one flesh concept is dependent on this. God did not make a new creation in order to make a woman who would therefore have been separate and unrelated to the man. This is why man has the XY chromosome combination and woman has XX. Nothing new had to be invented. It also means, even though we trace mitochondrial DNA only through women, the first woman got it from a man.

So why do men have nipples? Perhaps a poetic ditty I made up years ago will help. Why do men have nipples? It’s not meant to deceive! If Adam neva’ ad’em, Then neeva would ’av Eve

Follow up Question Having grown up on a hobby farm, I know that male nipples aren’t unique to humans, so does this negate your explanation?

Answer by John Mackay

If we came from other animals your conclusion would be valid, but in the case of humans we are specifically told that God made the man Adam first, and then created the woman Eve from the first man (see Gen 2) . Therefore Adam had to have the DNA for everything the woman would require, especially in order for God to also declare them “one flesh.” Adam had both X and Y chromosomes, but Eve only the X. She could come from Adam but Adam could not come from Eve, without his Y chromosome being a separate creation.

Concerning all other sexually reproducing critters, we are told by God they were created and given reproductive ability “after their own kind”, but God gives us no hint that the male of any other species came first. The detail revealed about Adam and Eve in Genesis makes man unique, as does the fact that man alone was made in God’s Image. Of course male nipples have other rarely spoken about functions, such as telling you how deep the cold water is, which is a probable consequence of them being so full of sensory nerve endings for their role in providing stimulation in sexual contact – in both male and female.

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