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Did any kind of human or animal waste exist in the Garden of Eden? Was digestion so complete that no unsanitary waste was produced; only safe and odourless material would then have been the case?

Answer by John Mackay

Since God did not make Adam with a roll of toilet paper in one hand and a toothbrush in his other hand, you can rest assured that Adams health and body functions were much better than ours. No need for toothpaste since the bugs in his mouth cleaned it for him as did the food he ate. However since God made fruit and other plant matter with indigestible components as far as man’s digestive enzymes are concerned, and which form the roughage component of all good diets today as they function as gut cleaners, this would also have been the case in the beginning. You get some idea of this when you do go on a well-balanced fruit and vegetables and meat diet and surprise, surprise you find that you don’t actually have a messy bottom after visiting the toilet.

So even if a bio-waste free world might be our idea of perfection, it obviously wasn’t God’s. Especially when you consider all the trouble He put into designing the flow through machinery for removing waste solids and liquids from the human body. I am sure He had many good reasons for this and here’s a clue to one. When I eat a passionfruit, the many indigestible seeds pass through my gut and out in the faeces undigested, and they land on planet earth in a ready mixed blob of moist 100%natural fertiliser, already off to a good start. I know that because it’s how I deliberately planted the first passionfruit vines on my once bushland property. As for the smells we worry about – they are the result of your system and the bug’s systems malfunctioning, so processing is incomplete, which did not happen at the start.

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