The Reason Why

RADIO CONNECTION. To go with this Q&A website, a new radio program “The Reason Why” which will commence broadcasting in March 2011 across the UK, Europe and North Africa is available as a free download . Any radio stations interested in broadcasting the continuing series can Contact Us for details

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Creation Research Q & A

Recordings from Creation Research team members.

Could animals have died before man’s sin?

Are animals designed to kill?

Are Cane Toads evolving longer legs?

Did God add thorns & thistles to existing plants or did He create new ones?

Did Australian plants evolve separately?

Could fungi exist in a Good World?

What’s the difference between Apes & Humans?

Is there life on Mars?

Any evidence plants & animals were designed for a Good World?

Is hair vestigial & why do we have it?


Vision FM Interviews

VISION GRABS of weekly segment with “John Mackay: the Creation Guy” over 530 stations Australia wide from “THE JOURNEY with Matt & Karen” Tuesdays 7.40am AEST. See for station locations & frequencies, or click LISTEN ONLINE tab.

Download - John Mackay & Ken Ham

Download - John Mackay & Ken Ham COMPLETE VERSION

Download - Journey Unpacked - Ken Ham

Download - The Journey - Dinosaurs

Download - The Journey - Age of the Earth

Download - The Journey - How the Bible came together

Download - The Journey - Cain, Abel & Reproduction


Other Radio Interviews

Download - Journey Unpacked - Vision FM Interview

Download - What’s the difference between ‘Kinds’ and ‘Species’?

Download - Does DNA prove life evolved from chemicals?

Download - Does natural selection equal evolution?

Download - Has global warming been proven false?

Download - Can millions of years fit into Genesis

Download - Do cabbage variaties prove evolution?

Download - Always a Creation Guy?


Full Messages

Download - Creation and Climate Change

Download - Aggressive Atheists - Part 1

Download - Aggressive Atheists - Part 2

Download - Aggressive Atheists - Part 3