Simon Turpin

HEAVEN? Was Heaven created, if so why and where is it?

Answer by Simon Turpin In order to answer this question it is important to begin by defining what is meant by the word ‘heaven’. This is necessary since the term ‘heaven’ is talked about in numerous ways in the Bible. First, the term Hebrew term shamiym refers to the ‘physical sky.’ The very first verse […]

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Would a loving God allow people to suffer for eternity in Hell?

In our September 2014 Prayer News we published the following item: BILL NYE CHOOSES HELL rather than believe in creation, according to Christian News 8 September 2014 and Popular Science September 2014. In an interview with Popular Science about his debate with Ken Ham, Bill Nye commented “Let’s say that I am, through my actions, […]

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Why didn’t God create us in Heaven and let us stay there with Him?

Answer By Simon Turpin There are many questions we can have regarding the Bible: “what if this…?”, “what about…?” or “why didn’t God…?” What we need to realise, however, is that the Bible does not always directly address every one of our questions although it may answer them indirectly. Created in God’s image When God […]

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